Friday, March 9, 2012

Take a deep breath, and continue on.

"Too Cute"

Painting of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I think that every artist,  I know I do, has a time when creating
a piece of art that you look at it and think, I don't know about this.

When I start a piece I always meditate  and ask for guidance to paint the dog
the best way that I can.  That I can portray the personality of the dog for 
their owners.  But there is always a time some where in the process that I 
get that feeling of not being sure of the direction that it is taking.  I have 
found that if I walk away from it for a little while or over night that when I see 
it again, I see it differently and I can continue, then there is that magical moment
when all of a sudden it starts to work and come to life.

So when something is not seeming like it is working, take a moment, take a deep
breath and continue on, something magical could happen.

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