Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Dogs Special Day.

Portrait of Maggie.

Many of the portraits I am commissioned to paint are
of dogs that are very loved and have gone to heaven,
where I know all dogs go.  It made me think of a story 
that I heard of a man who's dog was getting very old 
and he was told by his vet that he did not expect the dog 
to live much longer.  The dog was the man's best friend 
and so he planned a special day for him and the dog. 
He fixed the dog meals that he would not have normally
given him, steak.  Let him sleep on the sofa which he was
not usually allowed.  Took him on a special walk to a place
that the dog loved to go and just made the day all about 
making it special for his beloved dog.

There is a song that a line in it is  "let's go to that special 
 place that only you and I know"  Every dog lover has that 
special time or place that is between them and their dog.
I often think of that song when Lilly and I are walking on a 
old road that we walk often and then sit by the pond together.

So my wish is, that when people hang their portraits of their
loved dogs in their homes that when they look at it they are 
reminded of the special times and places that only they and
their dog know.

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