Monday, March 12, 2012

Lesson from Dog, if you only look straight ahead you miss a lot!

Lilly on our walk today.
Little rest on the bench. Warm in upstate
New York today.
We Love it!!!

       Lilly's lesson for today, if you only look forward you miss a lot.  A beautiful spring like day,
 very unusual for upstate New York in the middle of March walking in sunshine and no heavy coat needed.  We are loving it!  Lilly is doing her normal dog exploring and smelling all. I am walking, 
looking ahead and thinking of painting projects and what needs to be done, watching
her have fun.  When while walking through a wooded section of one of our routes, Lilly suddenly
stopped and kept looking up and then at me as to say Mommy look at this!  Up on a branch above
us were a pair of beautiful cardinals.  So red and lovely sitting on a cedar branch.  She didn't bark,
just sat and watched them and then would look at me.  I told her Mommy sees them and
 thank you for showing me and then she got up looked at me and we continued our lovely walk.

       So I thought how much in life do we miss because we are so focus on what lays ahead. 
So again the wise puppy muse is teaching me to be present in the moment.  Enjoy all that
is around you, and sometimes you need to look up. 

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