Friday, March 2, 2012

The puppy that changed my life.

Lilly's baby picture 3 months old

Portrait of Lilly three months old.

Who would have know that a little 3 pound ball of love could change my life so much and lead me to what I feel I was always meant to do and bring me such happiness.                                                              
Lilly has brought love, joy, giggles and balance to my life. When she came to be part of our family my life was crazy, working constantly in my interior design business. With Lilly she became my constant companion and house training and daily walks became very important. I loved our walks and found myself much calmer with her. She was so cute, that I started to sketch her and paint her. My husband was always trying to get me to paint more but it never seemed like I had time.  Mostly I have discovered that I some how knew if I started that I would not want to stop painting and I knew that I did not have time and so would push it aside.  With encouragement from my husband Rock and friends, we started Loved Dogs Art.  The name came because it was all inspired by a very loved little dog, Lilly and I hoped to paint other peoples very loved dogs.  So now I do my interior design work in balance but spend half of my day completely happy in my studio with the puppy muse painting beautiful dogs.
They say follow your passion, I can totally agree. When you do in life what you are meant to do and do it with love and with thought of bringing happiness to others that is where you find joy.

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