Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dogs and simple pleasures.

Lilly pondering the world from her ottoman
in the studio.

One of the lessons that we can learn from dogs is to 
take pleasure in the simple things in life.  The sunshine 
on them as they lay, the wind blowing a leaf for them to 
chase, a pet and hug from the beloved people in their lives,
a ball to chase.  I have been paying attention to these things 
and acknowledging and being grateful for simple things in my life.

Lilly and my daily walks and a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, 
a phone call from a friend. The way Lilly looks up at me with her tail wagging.
Her excitement when I return from even an half hour from being away from her.

At the end of a busy day when she runs up the stairs and jumps in bed and
cuddles in next to me and gives that wonderful little sigh of contentment.

I am grateful.  

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