Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love of Dogs Passed On

Lilly and her niece Maggie
in the studio.

Today I am puppy sitting my grand puppy Maggie. She is my son Jamie and his wife Alysia's dog.

She is the perfect dog for them.  A year ago Jamie called and said that they were looking to get a dog, taking their time and researching, knew that they wanted to get a rescue.  A few weeks later I got an e-mail and a picture of this adorable little spotted puppy with a note here is Maggie!  

Jamie totally loves this dog, and has proven to be a wonderful puppy parent and their matched level of energy is perfect.  Maggie hikes, rock climbs and follows him skiing and loves it, and also goes to work with him.
( He lives and works in Vermont, very dog friendly state, more states should be like them.)                
They seem to both have the need for adventure.  It is wonderful to see how the love for dogs has been passed on to him and the wonderful relationship that he and his dog have.

 Makes a Mom proud, especially a Mom as dog crazy as me.

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