Monday, March 26, 2012

Bouncing, Wagging Tail, Bundle of Joy


Well Lilly has a new baby sister, We drove 
four hours each way to the breeders and chose
a beautiful, loving little 8 week old Cavalier
She is precious. 

We had a hard time with the name, Rock and I
were the whole trip down thinking of them and
then when we picked her out none of the ones we
had thought of seemed to fit. So, hour and a
half in to the ride home and still going back and 
forth Rock said Ella and she woke up and looked 
at us and wagged her tail. We said so is your name
Ella and the tail wagged harder, so Ella it is, and 
seems to fit her perfectly.

Lilly is learning how to be the big sister. We go 
from playing with her to protective and worried
if she puppy cries to I have had enough of you 
and get out of my face.

Our hope is that they will become wonderful 
sisters and companions.

We feel so  bless to have two wonderful fur
babies that bring so much joy and laughter
to our lives.

So now two puppy muses!! 

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