Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dogs and Energy.

Lilly on the front porch.
Daily barking at cats duty.

    Dogs change the energy of a room or place.  I've seen it happen so many times. 
I've seen it happen with me in the studio.  Lilly might be out side with Daddy and
then come bounding up the stairs to the studio, because as Rock says "she was missing
Mommy" and immediately she is happily kissing me and so excited and I can't help 
laughing.  She might have only been away from me for 15 minutes. Oh to love 
like that!

   I just finished reading " Angel on a Leash "which is written all about therapy dogs 
and when you read this you really understand the energy power of dogs and the
positive energy that they give out so freely.  I have met few people with this energy
but so many dogs!  Another reason to take a lesson from our dogs and try and 
put out positive loving energy to the people we meet in our daily lives.

Who knows may be you could change the energy in your world.

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